Justice and violence

What is our vision to end both interpersonal violence and structural violence, like colonisation and the state’s criminal legal system?

Coming soon: ‘What are we learning from Te Kawa o te Ako about eliminating violence’ (journal article), Whakatupu Mātauranga 2

‘Ngā mahi o Rarohenga: organising well means organising to end violence’ (journal article), Counterfutures 12, 2022

He Ara Mataora: tools to stop violence

‘Justice without the State’ (zine article), Radicle, 2010

‘Why is it so hard to support survivors of abuse?’ (journal article) Imminent Rebellion 9, 2008

Gender and sexuality

If whakapapa is how we understand our place in the world, how have gender and sexuality become so important, and is it healthy?

Coming soon: ‘He takatāpui, he queer, he mokopuna rānei’ (book chapter), Honouring Our Ancestors:Takatāpui, Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQI-plus Wellbeing

Coming soon: ‘Our tūpuna dreamed the future for all of us: gender, sexuality and creation stories’ (journal article), Whakatupu Mātauranga 2

‘He pūrākau, he pūmahara: telling our stories, teaching our children’ (journal article), Whakatupu Mātauranga, 2016

‘It’s about whānau: oppression, sexuality, and mana’ (presentation), Kei Tua o te Pae proceedings, 2013

‘Ahunga Tikanga and sexual diversity’ (journal article), Ahunga Tikanga, 2012

Children and the state

What happens when the state makes decisions about children?

Coming soon: Korihi te Manu: Stories of Whāngai and Adoption (book) from the Whāngai and Adoption of Māori project team

‘Cast adrift: my story of adoption’ (online article), E-Tangata, Feb 2022

‘Racial justice meets the child welfare system: why Hands Off Our Tamariki is a movement for change’ (online article), The Spinoff Parents, Nov 2016

Other recent writing

‘When it all feels unstoppable’ (online article), E-Tangata, Nov 2021

‘E kore au e ngaro, he kākano i ruia mai i Rangiātea: Te Wānanga o Raukawa as an example of educating for Indigenous futures’ (book chapter), Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education, 2018

‘Mātauranga Māori, tino rangatiratanga and the future of New Zealand science’ (journal article), Journal of the Royal Society of New Zealand 45(2), 2015

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